Suing for Libel

When to Consider Suing for Libel

When considering suing for libel, like any legal pursuit or pursuit at all for that matter, you should know your facts. Libel, according to the dictionary is defined as “defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.”

Suing for Libel is a bit different then suing for defamation of character or suing for slander. When you are suing for libel, both the accused with either accept the charges or deny everything.
The best thing to have is an eye witness who could speak for your damages and the attacks made upon you. For slander, which is verbal, libel is written, printed, or some other form of seen statement. It could be written in smoke!

Know the difference when suing for libel

While suing for slander is much more difficult than suing for libel, they both can be done successfully. Slandering is almost always verbal and this is the distinction between slander and libel. I don’t want to be redundant, but you need to know the difference.  Normally, a person would not sue for this, it would be some organization or public entity who collectively higher a lawyer, however a person with a high profile name or a name that relies on their reputation for make a living can be successful is suing for libel.
Keep in mind, currently blogs are not considered means to sue for libel, however this may change with new laws similar to SOPA or ACTA. The internet is constantly under attack by governments in order to regulate communication and copy writes. If you use web 2.0 properties to create a libel situation, in the future, it may be possible to sue.

A common defense is freedom of expression and that the documents of the accused meant no harm only opinion. This depends on the judge. As I said before libel on the internet is in constant debate and should be considered a soft form of libel and evidence.

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