Defamation of Character

One of the many ways to harm someone in a non-violent fashion, not involving assault or battery or any other physical harm is through defamation, libel and slander. Suing for slander is all about reputation and name. That is the most common and popular association with a persons or company’s name.
Quite often suing for defamation or suing for slander can be a huge challenge, even for the most battle-tested slander, defamation, or libel lawyer. The best defense for any such case is that of simple proof of action. Without it, a suit can be stretched out for months or even years if it’s a huge case. This can make things even worse, not mentioning the exuberant cost involved.

Defamation of Character

Suing for Defamation of Character is a bit different. Unlike suing for slander, suing for defamation of character involves a situation where a statement or strong suggestion made by a person that is a lie, and has a negative intent, an intention to defame your character. Creating lies and untrue rumors about someone or a something(organization, firm, etc) with the idea to cause harm.
Defamation of character requires specific actions of libel and slander. It is the method of action taken for ill gains. Libel is more difficult to prosecute than slander. Slander must have a 3rd person and must be spoken/written in a public setting to bring damages to the targeted entity.
The ability to defame or sue for slander is again, as I mentioned before one of difficulty. You must have hard evidence or several strong witnesses or data showing damage, financially is best. However, every situation does not call for suing for slander or suing for defamation of character. An event with hateful comments may not be worth your time. An alternative could be suing for libel.
Libel is when slander or defamation is in media. Most likely a newspaper or magazine. Slander on the internet is an evolving case, but is not yet proven as an effective method of prosecution. This type of defamation of character happens when a public entity or person is seen in the public view in a negative context or situation, as always, as a target for defamation.

If you can show evidence of true against slander, libel, or defamation, your case can be easily won.
The punishment for those who fall when suing for slander or suing for defamation of character, can be devastating. The successful court case could result in the defendant paying for pain and suffering, as well as retracting the media damage. They would have to reprint an apology or statement of mistaken information. Of course all situations are different for suing for slander or suing for defamation of character, but these cases exist and can be a fair method of restitution.

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