Can you Sue for Slander?

The simple answer is yes, however the real question should be, “Should you sue for slander?” If you want to know if you can sue for slander, you should consult a lawyer. A free consultation is common and within a few minutes you will be able to ask “Can you sue for slander”?

In the meantime, let’s check your facts?

Can you sue for slander?

Yes, Check.
Now let’s look at the requirements.
Has someone slandered or libeled you in any way or form. Check the other post to know the difference. Defamation of character is also another form of slander. You can sue for slander, sue for libel, sue for defamation for character.

  • Do you have evidence?
  • Were your monetarily damaged?
  • Where you emotionally damaged?
  • Was your reputation hurt?
  • Does your reputation relate to your profession?
  • Will the cost outweigh the benefits if I sue?
  • Who will I hurt if I sue for slander?
  • If I sue for slander, will my reputation be hurt for taking action?
  • How will this affect my professional career?

Can you Sue for Slander?

I gave you the short answer, now you decide if you should sue for slander. Consult a lawyer near your and although I’d like you to trust me, It’s best to have a local professional help you, as State laws vary, as well as every case. Good luck, and make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.


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